Maria Magdalena was a woman who by the circumstances of its life key in the prostitution (In Lucas 7:39, the story speaks of the woman, that seems to be this Maria, it compares and it with a sinful woman in prostitution sense). Of course its soul was not full of joy and so it had obtained, felt failed and it was known sinful. It had been mistaken in his life. We see this story of the Sagrada Scripture in the spiritual sense and we can apply as it to each of us.

The people who in their life have undergone serious problems and soon by their circumstances have fallen in depression, vices and drugs which no longer know to leave, when they find to the Gentleman, because He always approaches, when seeing him and to know as He is, fall crying on his feet, because they in their sins have loved them to the Gentleman being, in their solitude and rubbish. Thus, our soul, like the Magdalena, when seeing the Gentleman who says to us that he loves to us, although we are in the mud of the sin; because all we are sinful, and that one that is justified is antichrist… then all sinned and is dismissed of the glory of God… Romans 3:23; we fall on Its feet crying therefore love, like to have given the life in the cross to save to us of the eternal solitude, and to change our Earth lives.

What so great love you have Father, that you have wanted your to come in meat, Jesus Christ to die by my, to give your life by my, if I do not deserve to you, and your you have won to me when watching to me. Blessed you are Mr., my Gentleman. How I am not going away to give if you teach your me that he loves my enemies, like when I was your enemy and your you loved to me. Enséñame to love with that love with which your mistresses.

Clearly, when Maria Magdalena saw the Gentleman and as she pardoned to that they regreted, she had faith, and she came to the feet of Christ. There am our soul on the feet of full Christ of sins here but crying because It gives the life us, and us he makes clean before by His Blood, and we know the repentance way and mind the change to live. As it adulterates to it,… it sees and you do not sin but… How I am going to want to sin but? I will already fight praying so that me DES forces not to sin, because no longer I want to add but pain to your Cross, Sir.

Christ threw to seven spirits outside the soul of the Magdalena, who symbolize all the malignant spirits whom there are in each of us before knowing Christ. When He watches to us and we perceived, if we gave ourselves to him Him, He he enters us and he throws it go to all spirit of the evil, when entering He with the Spirit Santo. … I have here, I am to the door and call; if some hears my voice and abre the door, I will enter him, and I will have dinner with him, and he with me. To that it will win, I will give him that one feels with me in my throne, as well as I have won, and I have sat down with my Father in its throne… Apocalypse 3:20.   You do not deal with limpiarte your first so that soon between Christ, because the unique one who can fight against Satan and to win is Christ, and our soul is Its promised earth, is He has who it to conquer and to reign in her.

If we took as example the hierarchy of I exercise, we will be able to include/understand as it works the devil and its armies. Christ is the King, all are under his power and when releasing He our soul, orders to him to all the I exercise of Satan who leaves that one earth where now once we have requested it, reigns the King of Kings, who must be able mainly I exercise.

The seven spirits who the Gentleman removes from the soul of the believer who comes to sorry Him, are all those principalities and powers of the airs which they dominate to a person, his soul, with being in charge to mine it with vices and sins, such as the adultery, fornication, the alcohol, the drugs, the tobacco, the idolatry, homosexuality, prostitution, where our brother beloved fell, who is blessed she because to the Gentleman she pleased to him that she was remembered and in addition serves to us as aid to include/understand by parabola the situation of the soul of each of us.

Sírvanos also this portion of the gospel, to include/understand that spiritual prostitution is to use our soul for other spirits who are not the one of God, that stops that we were created, because we are temple of the Spirit Santo. Also all that one that wants to use some intermediary who is not the Husband, the Son of God, the husband of our soul, and goes to deads, the virgins, saints, or any other way to communicate with the spiritual world, ritual of sects or religions, also will be considered its enemy soul one ramera and therefore of the Husband.

First that saw revived Jesus, he was healed by Jesus, he was next to the Cross, he was present at the burial of Jesus. Maria Magdalena.

He leaves Christ he enters you with the Spirit Santo and reigns in your soul, and It will remove to all spirit who dwells today in you, sacks He them. Yours he is Sir the Kingdom and the Power and the Gloria by the centuries of the centuries, Amen.

  • You want to know God, but she knows that the way is not by the organized religion, neither by the sects, nor by the society. The world has failed. … I request by them; nonrequest by the world, but by which it is to me; because yours they are… San Juan 17:9. Oration of Jesus.
  • Because a boy is been born to us, son is given to us, and the principality on his shoulder; and its name will be called: Admirable, Advisory, strong God, eternal Father, Prince of peace. Prophecy of Isaiah 9:6.
  • I am I walk, and the truth, and the life; nobody comes to the Father, but by my. Words of Jesus Christ. Gospel according to San Juan 14:6. 
  • If You really look for God, begins a new life today, of the true hand of God. The Gospel is the message for all the nations, without concerning the race, the origin nor the culture. God is El Salvador of those of the humanity that abren their heart to him.

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